• Mobile bike service

    You’re struggling with regular retail opening hours or just want to save a lot of time? Our premium mobile service is the ideal solution. Our mobile service van comes to you and services your bike at your doorstep. You can even book your appointment at your office and we’ll take care of your bike while you keep working or during your lunch break.

    You decide when, where and what kind of service you need and you simply book your appointment online through our convenient booking tool. We are your full service partner, no matter what type of bike and where you bought it.

    Currently we’re not yet offering our service in every European country. If we’re not available in your country so far, just apply for our newsletter. We’ll let you know as soon as we offer our service in your country.

  • Bike delivery

    You want to buy your bike online, but you don’t feel comfortable with the final assembly and the original set up? We deliver your online purchased bike fully assembled and ready to ride, to your doorstep and we make sure it gets perfectly adjusted to your needs. You can simply focus on enjoying your new bike and even for aftersales you have a servicepartner who’s got your back.

    We deliver bikes from any brand. We have already partnered with some of them so you can simply select us as your preferred delivery option.

    For all other brands just do the following:

    1. Write us a short e-mail and we’ll send you our local delivery address that you can use as the delivery address
    2. Forward us your order confirmation and delivery information
    3. After we have received your bike, we’ll assemble it and we’ll arrange the delivery date with you
    4. We’ll deliver your bike and adjust it to your needs so you can start riding immediately
  • Stationary service points

    You prefer to bring your bike to us? Simply book your desired appointment at one of our selected service points in your area and drop your bike there.

    Our service points are selected bike shops in your area, who guarantee the same professional Go Bike Service standards as our mobile vans.
    Here the customer comes first as well and we will be happy to service your bike, no matter if you bought it online or at a local bike shop.

    Currently we are expanding our service point network in Europe. If there isn’t any stationary service point available in your area yet, please subscribe to our newsletter. We will let you know as soon as there are service points available in your area.

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